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Howdy everyone! Iím Brooks Houston, your 2009 MKYRA Queen.  I am 16, and currently a junior at Lee's Summit West High School.  I have been involved in the equine world all my life, my first time running barrels I was 3 1/2 years old (I think my mom liked me on a real horse, rather than breaking her stuff in the house, on my stick horses). I now compete in barrel racing and pole bending, and Iím hoping to start goat tying and roping events. I am active in multiple other activities such as singing, dancing, and violin. I have been a competitive singer and dancer since I was 3 winning multiple awards, such as winning second place in a regional dance competition on a tap solo. My violin has gotten me far, placed first chair in the symphony orchestra, and winning many awards such as, one ratings on duets, and a one on a solo at district competition. I love all the things I do, and all my friends and family. I can't thank them enough, for all the support through everything, your all so amazing!  

I am honored to be your MKYRA Queen, and I promise I will help with anything I possibly can, and I will be the best role model I possibly can! Good Luck to all the contestants, have a fun and safe year!!


Happy Trails!


Brooks Ann Houston